How unsure are you of your digital channel performance?

In a recent article in the Think with Google series, Casey Carey,  Director, Platforms & Publisher Marketing at Google, makes a telling point: just 17% of advertisers surveyed said they are looking at the performance of all their digital channels.

Which leaves the following questions unanswered: What about the missing 83%? And why is it so difficult for them to know what’s actually working across their various digital platforms?

It gets worse. The same article also carried another insight: 25% of markets cite organizational and structural challenges as reasons for not adopting data-driven attribution – what the real causes for a purchase by a consumer actually is.

It seems that many organizations, even big ones with budgets and resources , struggle to make sense of what they spend.

And all of this gets worse for smaller and medium sized businesses, who have most to gain from using digital, and perhaps most to lose from missing an opportunity or deploying precious budget in the wrong channels or on the wrong content.

The problem has been that knowing the performance of your digital campaigns across multiple platforms has previously been too hard, too late, too inaccurate and too expensive.

Part of the challenge is that to make this a reality is difficult. For example, IBM says we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day. That’s a lot of zeros.

Breaking that down to what matters to your customer, where they are and what they will engage with becomes critical to get right and of great concern to those wanting to get the most of their budget.

To do so, data has to be normalized across multiple platforms for it to become useful in a comparative sense, with even something as trivial as the start of the day being different for each platform, but also to see the same measures of engagement or click throughs to be consistent and to make true price and conversion rate comparisons.

Data is the lifeblood of marketing, customer satisfaction and selling, yet it seems data solutions tend to either be priced out of the hands of most businesses – either in licensing costs or in the time and complexity required to get this up and running.

This is the core thing that Digivizer has worked on solving for businesses of all sizes.

We’ve taken eight years of product development and six years of using our own technology with some of the biggest brands and companies in Australia and overseas, and made both available to companies of any size.

You can now see how your investment across all the main digital platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Google Ads – is working.

You can choose any number of paid media measurements for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google – total spend, impressions, CPM, engagement and engagement rate, CPE, video views,  Link Clicks, click-through rate (CTR), and cost-per-click (CPC) for campaigns and adsets.

You can track who’s talking about you and to you.

You can use hashtags to create and follow conversations important to your brand.

You can track your in-channel performance.

We have removed  complexity and obstacles to understanding in detail what’s working about your digital marketing – making it easy to see where to continue to invest.

All for US$89 per month on our starter package – about the price of a daily cup of great coffee.

If you have the authority in your accounts to see your social channels data and paid, you can be up and running in minutes and finally see everything at once. You can create an account (with 30 days free)  at

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