Making Australia Fit for the Future

I was recently part of a panel discussion on Sky News here in Australia – hosted by Andrew Johnson of the Australian Computer Society, alongside Gisele Kapterian of Salesforce and the Blueprint Institute, Alex Colvin, CEO and Founder of Pendula, and Edward Mandla, Advisory Board Member.

The topic was the current economic downturn expected by most – and how the technology sector will play a pivotal part in the turnaround.

Here’re some of the points we made as a panel:

  • technology underpins everything, and is part of every vertical market sector, and every horizontal economy
  • we’re a small country economically: just 0.33% of the global population, just 0.15% of the global GDP, and the 15 countries above us in the global GDP league tables contribute 69% of global GDP. We have to export, and export more than gravel – technology levels that global playing field in Australia’s favour
  • a lot of capability remains to be unlocked, there is upside at almost every turn – but only with equitable access to skills and technology, essential to turbocharge growth, especially as we pull out of the pandemic lockdown
  • government incentives must change to flatten the IT playing field to that Australian tech successes can mix it with the global leaders (something I’ve written about before) – in R&D funding, how VCs can enter and exit funding rounds, and how export activity is supported
  • today’s customers are digital. Be where they are
  • create content to create trust and transparency, engagement and sales…and do so using digital channels

Watch the full program on Sky News.

Defining Leadership Webinar Presentation

You can view the presentation delivered by Emma on “Defining Leadership – Leading your way to greater success” as delivered to the Australian Businesswomen’s Network.

Here is the link to the ABN webinar presentation dated 29 July 2009:

Please note: You will need to provide an email address to unlock the presentation file, however this will only take a few seconds.

This presentation covers:

  • The basics of good leadership
  • The differences between being a good manager and being a great leader
  • How to unlock the potential of your people under a common vision
  • How to deliver something greater (with your team) than what you could ever have achieved by yourself
  • How, by investing in yourself as a leader, you can lead your way to greater success.
  • Those that want to move from being managers to being leaders

To find out more about the Australian Businesswomen’s Network, visit

Taking your product to market – How to turn your product into a business

Emma presented the topic “Taking your product to market – How to turn your product into a business” at BootUpCamp, an intensive workshop where participants go from an idea to a fully operational web business in two weeks.

To watch Emma’s presentation go to:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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