Defining Leadership – Leading your way to greater success

National Webinair – 29 July

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Details of the presentation:

“Leadership is all about inspiring and empowering others under a shared vision to deliver beyond the ordinary, to create something special, and to ultimately result in making this world a better place. Inspire and galvanise your team to deliver extraordinary results by transforming yourself into an extraordinary leader.”  Emma Lo Russo

As a business leader, the need to manage others is a given. The responsibility comes with your title, or because you pay the wages. However not everyone who is a manager of people can be considered a leader. Leaders inspire and influence others to follow them by choice to help them deliver on their vision and ensure greater success.

At the Defining Leadership webinar, sponsored by Go To Webinar, you’ll learn :

  • The basics of good leadership
  • The differences between being a good manager and being a great leader
  • How to unlock the potential of your people under a common vision
  • How to deliver something greater (with your team) than what you could ever have achieved by yourself
  • How, by investing in yourself as a leader, you can lead your way to greater success.

Who should attend?

  • Business owners looking to start hiring
  • Those wanting to be better self-leaders
  • Those who have staff (even if they are virtual staff)
  • Those that want to move from being managers to being leaders

Event Details:

Defining Leadership – National

Wednesday, 29 July 2009
10.15am for 10.30am – 11.30am AEST
Your home or office

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